Holbox Kite Spots


Welcome to Holbox, Kitesurf and Foilboarding paradise!
Holbox is a great place to learn to kitesurf, and also a fun island to enjoy. We hope you get to enjoy the great conditions and learn to kite here, or if you kiteboard already, then to come kite with us!

When to come?

The windy season is from November until the end of May.
During the winter period, from November to February, we can get steady light winds in the afternoons, but the real fun starts when the strong north winds arrive (el Norte). With the arrival of the cold fronts come the stronger winds. Typically on the arrival day of the norte we can get upto 25 knots, and as the front passes, this lessens to 15-20knots.

These norte winds can arrive once a week, twice a week, (or once in a while to our frustration, overnight!) but as kitesurfers, you'll know we can't predict the wind, we can only enjoy it when it arrives. It's worth bringing a shortie wetsuit for the norte, as the water temperature dips noticeably. From February onwards, the frequency of the norte winds drops, and we get more regular winds from the east. Due to the shape of the island, and the wind effects passing by Cabo Catoche, we get good afternoon winds. The predominant direction is from the east, and we receive a thermal kick in the afternoon.

Where to kitesurf?

Holbox is part of the Yum Balam Nature Reserve, which protects a section of coastal wetlands, and has zones to protect the migratory birds and turtle nesting areas. As a result there are restrictions on where you can kitesurf on the island.
We have two kite spots on the island, Playa Las Nubes and Punta Mosquito. For classes we'll choose the most appropriate for that day to ensure you get the best quality wind. Please note that kitesurfing is not permitted in front of any of the hotels on the island.

Playa Las Nubes / Kite Beach Las Nubes

For north to north easterly winds, we kiteboard at a super spot called Playa las Nubes, with a sandbar about 100m out. You can get a golf cart taxi, walk, or even cycle to the kite spot here.
This spot is superb for learning, as it's shallow, flat water, and very easy conditions. For more advanced riders its also great for a photo session, as you can ride further upwind and get some space for yourself away from the classes. The beach area is pretty small, but the water conditions more than make up for it – it's one of my favourite places to ride.

Key things to watch out for

The end limit of the kite zone is the Hotel Las Nubes.
On the beach there are sandy coloured stones, and a few mangrove tree roots. As the tide and sand shifts, these aren't always obviously visible, so take care when walking on the beach. For those already kitesurfing, keep an eye out for passing boat traffic (from both in front and behind you – boat tours run to the next beach).

Punta Mosquito

This spot works really well in easterly, or south easterly winds, typically more often from March – May. The winds are typically from 15-20knots, and a cross-on shore safe direction for teaching and riding. This spot has small chop, and starts to get deeper after 50m (tide depending).
The only way to reach this kite spot is via boat, as it's a beautiful undisturbed 30km long beach, with no shops, hotels, or restaurants (bring your own snacks!). It's a designated turtle nesting beach, so keep a watch for turtles and other wildlife when out riding.
Kitesurfers wishing to join on our boat trips here are very welcome, but need to sign up for the boat. Pass by the kite school in the morning to reserve your spot.

Key things to watch out for

The actual point is a protected bird area, so we ask that you respect the local conditions and ride upwind of the point. Additionally there is a current which increases in strength the closer you get to the point, so better to stay away!
The main obstacle here is the boat that brought you! Be sensible where you launch and land, and be mindful of the anchor lines, to make sure you have a fun (and safe) session! Again, keep an eye out for boat traffic, which runs in both directions, and keep clear of their path.

Kite foil or Foilboarding

The las Nubes kite spot is awesome for foilboarding, once you're out past the sandbar. It's great in north easterly winds, as it's flat and easy water conditions. There are no hidden underwater hazards making it great to foil here. Foilboarding lessons are given at this spot, with our rib/rescue boat when necessary.

Key things to watch out for

The sandbar... We're happy to give advice and help on the best places to foil, and we're easily persuaded to join you if we get the chance!


Cathy Padget