Frequently asked questions


What’s the deal with the private lessons?

Private lessons are 80 USD per hour. This includes everything you need: Instructor, equipment and a boat transfer to an alternate beach if the wind direction means this is necessary. Private lessons may suit you best if you have some prior experience or feel that a faster pace will suit you.

How many hours will I need?

Depending on experience and wind conditions, some students may need more (or less) time, but we find the majority of students take about 9 hours (three hours per day/session) to get on the board and ride a few metres.

Tell me more about the group lessons?

Group lessons are typically for two people with the students taking turns to use the same kite. The price is 60 USD per hour, per person. As above, this price includes equipment, instructor and boat transfer to an alternate kite spot if that’s necessary.
If you don’t have a group already but you really want a group lesson, we will try our best to match you with someone else. Obviously this will depend on the availability of other students and their level.

What’s the taster session?

The taster session is a two hour fun experience to give you a flavour of what it’s like to fly a kite in the water. The price for the taster session is 135 USD in a private session, or 100 USD in a group.
This is ideal if you’re very short on time, and cannot commit to the full course. The idea is to let you sample the experience, with the instructor staying very close in order to keep you safe. During this session you’ll look at the safety systems, how the kite flies, some basic kite control, building up to getting the kite to pull you through the water.

Will I be able to get the board on my first lesson?

We’re keen to get you up and riding on the board but we’ll always prioritise safety and making sure you have the essential kite skills first. The first few hours of your kitesurfing lessons typically consist of learning to set up the kite, how the safety systems work, then going into shallow water to gain some kite control. You’ll look at how to launch and land a kite then progress to using a little more power. Mastering these basic skills is key to progressing to the board safely, which is typically on the second day.

What’s the price of the full course?

We offer prices as an hourly rate as we feel this is the fairest policy, so that you only have to pay for the hours that you need. All students learn at a different pace to others, or are unable to commit to the full 9 hours, so we offer a ‘pay as you go’ service.

I’m in! How do I reserve my place?

Contact us via WhatsApp on +5219841795021 or email us at with the dates you would like to start
Call into our Reception between office hours 10-1.30, or 3.30 – 6.30pm. We’re based opposite Casa las Tortugas, situated here:

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts to clients who have their own equipment, providing its suitable for lessons. Wherever possible we will try to use your equipment as we recognise you’ll want to practice with your own gear to get the feel of it. If you have a full set of equipment, we’ll give you 20% off your lessons. If you have some of the following kit, we can give you the following discounts:
     •10% Kite
     •5% Board
     •5% Harness

How does supervision work?

We are very happy to provide supervision to those clients who need just a little bit of extra help to practice and advance further. The price for this is 25 USD per hour. The service includes:
     •Checking equipment is correct and ready to fly safely
     •Support of an instructor during the session- Helping you in case of any issues
     •Assistance in getting back upwind (or riding back upwind for you), allowing you to save valuable energy for riding!

     •To be able to rig the kite independently
     •Launch the kite with an assistant
     •Recover the board in deep water
     •(Please note that this doesn’t include transport to the next kite beach.)

Equipment rental

The price for full rental of equipment is 75 USD per session per half day or 95 USD for a full day. For this price, we’ll transport your kit to Las Nubes kite beach (you will need to make your own way there). If the wind direction means we need to go by boat to another beach, we will transport your kit, but you will need to pay an additional charge for your transport by boat with us.
You can choose a different sized board or kite during your session should the wind change, subject to availability.

How do I pay?

We accept payment in USD, MXN and EURO. We do accept debit/credit card payments, but these are subject to a 5% fee. At the moment we do not accept American Express.

What’s the minimum age for kitesurfing?

The minimum age is 10 years old, but there is also a minimum weight requirement of 40kg to be able to resist the pull and force of the kite. Our instructors have been specially trained for teaching children. We also have smaller equipment available. We require an adult/parent to be present during the classes for children under the age of 16. An adult or parent supervising from the beach is fine.

What if I only have a few days here?

If you know you’re only on Holbox for a few days then please contact us at your earliest opportunity to check our availability. We’ll do our best to maximise your time on the water. If you just want to try kitesurfing, and you’re short on time, check out our taster session which gives you a fun insight.

What do I need for my kitesurfing lessons?

Bring sunglasses, suncream, water and a smile – we have the rest! If your lessons are going to be at the Punta Mosquito kite spot, we recommend bringing some snacks as there are no shops or facilities at this spot.
NB: We sell sunglasses, floating sunglasses straps and ‘reef safe’ suncream if you don’t have any, or you forgot!

What shall I wear for my kitesurfing lessons?

We provide all necessary safety equipment, and both shortie wetsuits for the warmer days and long wetsuits for the colder el norte winds. If you feel a wetsuit is unnecessary we recommend at least a t-shirt as the sun can be fierce. Ladies – skimpy bikini bottoms are to be avoided. Save your modesty and bring some shorts!

We have lycras/quick dry t shirts available for sale in our shop.

How long are the kite lessons?

The typical lesson is up to 3 hours, but you’re welcome to take a short break for a drink or snack or top up your suncream. We’re particularly accommodating on lesson length when it comes to teaching younger students/children to ensure the classes are fun and safe.
We recommend a minimum of two hours to ensure you get the most out of your lesson and progress.

What time will my kitesurfing class start?

Kitesurfing is wind dependent. We’ll check the forecast and the real wind. Based on our experience we will advise you of the best time.

Can I just rent equipment?

Yes, but we do have a minimum standard/level of ability needed to rent kitesurf equipment. This ensures your safety and that of those around you and should mean that you have a productive and fun time whilst kiting. Contact us for more information if you’re unsure of your level.

What size kite do I need?

The wind here varies from 10-25 knots, so depending on your ability and size you may wish to bring a selection of kites. We also offer a range of the latest Slingshot kites for rental.

What if there’s no wind?

If there’s no wind, then we cannot teach your kite lessons. We review the wind forecast (and real wind) to give you the best plan for your kite lessons. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to control the wind, so please bear with us!

Do you have stand up paddleboards / SUP’s?

Paddleboarding is a great light wind activity. We have several paddleboards for hire. They are 10’6 Starboard (rigid) paddleboards, perfect for cruising and exploring. The prices are as follows:
     • 20 USD per board, per hour
     • 30 USD per board for two hours
     • We also offer Paddleboard Yoga: ask for more details!

What languages does your team offer?

We have a multi lingual team, from a variety of countries! We’re proud to offer classes from native English, Spanish and Italian teachers, and also offer classes in German, Portugese, Czech and Polish.


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